Ginger is our Red Piebald,   Sadly is passed now. Feb 15, 2019
Gradie is Ginger and George's baby. He went to the McFadden home to be with JuJu!! 
Black and Tan Piebald
Chocolate and Tan
Sadly my companion and best boy, George, passed away on Jan 18, 2017. He will be dearly missed. 
Pearl went to the Cirignanofamily.. 
This was at our Dachshund Meetup Halloweenie Party!! 2012 Bekah the Brave with Growling Gracie won 2nd place. FrankenSam and his Bride, Rachel, won Most Original.
Pearl at 1 yr old on her Birthday Dec 7..She now lives in Texas with her friend, Daizy.
Ren.(Sparky).Black and Cream Male,went to live with the Hayes family.
 Myles Aaron..Cream Male, is now living with the Hartsook's and his new friend, Molly
Sammy is our Chocolate based Cream Brindle male. now fixed
 Graham, Cream Piebald, Male, went to his new home with Allison and Matthew.
Myles Now..Beautiful Cream boy!
Sparky now is a very handsome boy
Rocket, Cream Brindle Male, Now Moses, went to Brown family.
MoonBean, Cream/Red, Female, SOLD
These 2 Garnet babies are Cream. Beautiful. SOLD
Oreo went to Las Vegas
with Joan. SOLD

Nubisco is going home with Allison. SOLD
  Daddy Marbles owned by Karen Graves/for Stud
Peaches and NYE had their babies Jan 14,                   Cobbler and Jam    Both SOLD
Pancho, now Kaiser, is at his new home with Sofie, Kristi and George. He is EE Cream.     
Aggie now Sofie went to her new home and is doing wonderful! She is a beautiful Blue and Tan Dapple.
I took Kimmie's Mom in while she was pregnant after her Breeder died suddenly. I birthed the pups and only then, did we know Lexi was Dapple and had been bred to a Dapple. Her AKC papers did not state she was Dapple. I would never or will never knowingly Breed DAPPLE to DAPPLE !!!!  Kimmie is deaf as the result of this breeding of 2 dapples together. But she has a happy life with us!

Gunner and Cooper 1 yr were Cobbler and Jam!
Ivory is now retired.
Camay,now Bayliegh, Went to a new home and going to live near New Orleans...below is her NOW.
Cressida, now Sugar Plum is a shaded red girl, She went to her new home in Hagerstown MD. She is a year old now and beautiful..
Lily is a Ivory and Bucky pup.
Graham now 3 yrs
Oreo now...Beautiful
They did it again May 11, and had 4 babies
Onyx and Copper went to a wonderful home together. More Gretta and George babies. 1 yr
George and Peaches babies are all in their new homes. 
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No puppies at this time. 
Peaches is now retired.